Monday, March 05, 2007

So the Dems don't like the way our wounded are being handled?

Well, I'm glad they're looking into it.
They're asking what went wrong, and how long it's been going wrong, and naturally making statements about it.

"We need a sustained focus here, and much more needs to be done," Rep. John Tierney (news, bio, voting record) said of a scandal enveloping Walter Reed. Charges of bureaucratic delays and poor treatment there have produced calls in Congress for quick reform.

Tierney said he is afraid "these problems go well beyond the walls of Walter Reed," adding that "as we send more and more troops into
Iraq and Afghanistan, these problems are only going to get worse, not better."

And being Dems, naturally knockng Bush:
Tierney, D-Mass., chairman of the panel, questioned whether problems at the facility are "just another horrific consequence" of inadequate planning that went into war in Iraq; a problem created by contracting out work there to private business, or some other cause.

"This is absolutely the wrong way to treat our troops, and serious reforms need to happen... immediately," he said.

So, since that all of this is comming out now, are their own hands finally untied?
Because we all know hat they care so much, that as soon as they knew, they'd have to do "something" to set it right.
The controversy started last month with a series of stories in The Washington Post, but lawmakers said reports of the failures go back several years.

Rep. Henry A. Waxman, D-Calif., said that in addition to several government audits, there was a February 2005 Salon magazine story on poor conditions at the hospital's psychiatric ward; a 2006 report on problems screening people with brain injuries and a 2005 think tank report criticizing the complex disability program.

'My question is: Where have you been?" Tierney asked, when the third panel of witnesses took their seats at the witness table. They were Geren, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Schoomaker, and his vice chief, Gen. Richard Cody.

Actually you self serving polititions, the problem's been bad for the last 60- or so years.
You're only now trying to do something with it because it's something else to hit the President over the head with.

Can I tell you what two BIG parts of the problem are?
  1. Half of ALL medschool grads are in the bottom half of their class- where do YOU think they'd work? The same with manegement.
  2. This IS government healthcare we're talking about. If you think this is bad, wait until you have 100 times the workload.
Ok Dems, repeat after me- Military healthcare IS GOVERNMENT healthcare.
I know they don't care, because their government health care won't be the same as OUR government healthcare.

(UPDATE 03-06)
Ya know, I was driving all night last night, and it occurred to me that IF the dems were so concerned about "The Troops" that:
  1. They should SUPPORT the surge
  2. They should stop aiding the enemy by their actions
  3. They should DEMAND that Bush let them take off the handcuffs and proactively defend themselves. You know do away with the PC cr@p and hurt the terrorists and their enablers.
But we all know that's not going to happen, helping Bush would be like stopping breathing- reflexively impossible over the long run.

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