Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just skip this if you're tired of the Anne Coulter thing

I'm getting kinda tired of Republicans mostly and conservatives jumping all over the Edwards=fag comment.

They say the Libs are using this as an example of how "evil" and "nasty" the Conservatives are. That it was uncalled for. How the Left is watching to see how we handle it.

OF COURSE the left is watching. They're laughing their @sses off at how fast Conservatives started attacking her.
Yeah, what she said was stupid and childish- and we should be on a higher plane than the Left. Yadda, yadda, yadda...

BUT- why do we ALWAYS publicly attack the squeeky wheel?
The Libs know that all they have to do is act "offended" by a comment or misrepresented action made by a Republican, and all they have to do is sit back and watch the fun.

Libs, on the other hand, form ranks and defend the person, if not the act.
Admittedly, they have a willing accomoplis in the MSM, but they don't turn on their own.
They even reward lawbreakers.

Ok, she said something stupid. I have, you have, anyone with a mouth has.
The Left is loving it, the way we're hacking away at her- because we're doing their work for them.
I'm knida glad we have Anne out there. I'm getting tired of always having to take whatever vile crap the Left dishes out because "we're the party of maturity" or whatever- while the Libs say the most vile things and walk away knowing they'll get a pass.

I'm not sorry Anne said what she did- it was a childish statement about a hypocritical public figure. Lets get over it already.

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