Friday, March 23, 2007

Wanna bet?

Geoge Bush sent one of his cunyaus down here to San Antonio to talk to some construction bigwigs.

Among other ummmmmm........policy statements, he said:
In a comment aimed directly at conservative critics, Gutierrez warned that 'the American people ill not tolerate a one sided bill.'
Wrong Mr. Gutierrez, I'd bet that someone with a "one sided" plan would walk away with any election they ran in.

He also went on to state that:
Gutierrez, who was born in Cuba and educated in Mexico, said the United States desperately requires a policy which welcomes immigrants to feed the country's growing economy, saying immigration 'will give this nation the economic edge over the coming century.'

"The reality is that there are thousands of jobs that aren't getting filled, because we don't have enough workers," Gutierrez said. "Immigration is crucial for our economy to grow in the years ahead. This is something we all need to recognize, and it's part of facing our reality."

Ya know, I'm really getting tired of theses PC types acting like we need to encourage these lawbreakers. That they're no different than the LEGAL immigants that are welcomed here.

Let me say again- Mr. Gutierrez, and tell your Jeffe- The reason AMERICANS aren't doing the work is because the pay isn't worth it.

My job is in a slowdown right now, I'm looking at other jobs, but refuse to even consider applying for any that say bi-lingual-BECAUSE I know that the wages and benefits will suck.
I like construction work, but refuse to work for $8 - $12 per hour.
That's what the pevailing wage is in San Antonio because of George Bush's "compassionate" immigration policy, and his continued @ss-kissing on that third world country to the south.

Yeah, I know- it's capitolism. It made America great, but you still get what you pay for. You pay for someone with a thrird grade education who broke the law to work here- you get someone you can't trust to do the work you hired them for.
Without constant supervision.

Keep talking like that Mr. Gutierrez, and watch your popular support sink even lower than it is now.
But that's ok, the big contributors are happy.

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