Thursday, March 29, 2007

Some like it wet

This is like the third week in a row that it's either been raining, or is wet from the rain.
Everything here is frigging green, and growing.
You can't tell we just mowed the lawn last weekend.

The front yard

It's too wet and humid to do any kind of fine (furniture grade) woodworking because of the 100% humidity here.
I'd guess that we had somewhere around a foot of rain in the last seceral weeks- counting the 7" we had to start it off.

Karen loves it because it reminds her of Old Blighty.
I don't because I can't really do anything outside.

Where we live is supposed to be semi arid (the begginings of the southwest desert- if you want). I walk outside and it feels like I'm in the middle of Puert Rico's El Yunque rainforest. I would say Guam, but it's not that hot and the rain isn't comming down in sheets.

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