Friday, March 30, 2007

Abu Graib !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Did I get your attention, or did your eyes automatically glaze over?

I'll mention it in passing, along with the ignorant, inbred, boyish c*nt holding the leash in the pictures. That was bad. It wasn't torture.
It may have been a violation of the Geneva convection- IF they were members of a STANDING(legal) military organization.

Are you tired of hearing about the supposed "rights" the islamo-terrorists have under the Geneva Convention?

The Left can't stop crying about the "rights" of irregulars involved on terrorism.
There is a vast difference between Resistance fighters who target only military targets, and terrorists who target (mostly) innocent civilians.
The Left conveniently forgets this, while crying about "rights".

The Left says we have to go overboard in extending "rights" and privileges to our captives- because if we don't then Micheal Moors "Minute Men" will have an excuse to treat our troops badly.

Guess what Libs, it doesn't work that way. The terrorists look at the Geneva convention as another one sided weapon to use against us.
Forced confessions.
Standard fare for the Mullahcrastocracy.

The Geneva convention prohibits Military prisoners of a LEGAL military force from being paraded around for propaganda purposes.
You aren't raising your voices about the kidnapped Brits?

For the same reason you held your tongue about the torture of our POWs held in Viet Nam? Who, I might add, were ALSO signers of the Geneva convention.

No wonder your credibility is in the sewer for anyone with an IQ of more than a Gerbil.

I just remembered, those "tortured and abused" prisoners in Abu Graib petitioned to be tranferd to OUR (American) prisons when Abu Graib was turned over the the Iraqis.
Not that you heard about that from the MSM- did you?

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