Thursday, March 08, 2007

Something to brighten your day

If your a guy

-OR- if you're 'good gay'

And IF You like hot babes- no matter where they work (CUG)

Kiran Chetry says "Good Morning" as only she can...

Sorry for the shortage of posting, but I got another load cut last night. This is the third week that I'll be averaging less than $10/hr, I can't afford to work there much longer. BUT when the pay is good, it's very good. I just can't see it evening out for quite a while. I guess I'll be looking for something I can afford to work at. Too bad though, I really like the job.

AND you'll not the time I posed this, because someone keeps leaving the bedroom door ajar so the newest dog can wake me up as soon as the girls leave for school (around 7:10 AM). Added to the fact that the 18 yr-old forgot she had an orthodontist appt this morning- so I got phone calls too.

(UPDATE 03-09)
This has been up for a day and nobody's mentioned Kirens ...... leg?

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