Saturday, March 31, 2007

WOW! What a ride

We had some rain last night.
And some wind.

I don't remember hearing anyhting about thunderstorms befor I went to work, but it was probably one of those Texas storms that come out of nowhere.

I was heading back from San ANtonio on my second trip and saw how BLACK the sky was over Castroville, and then started the lightning. It was all over the place, it looked like I was driving in a strobe light theater. At least it wasn't raining. Until I got to the other side of Castroville, then it let loose.

I had pull over because I couln't see anything. at. all.
We were sitting (three semis) still and rain and hail was hitting the windshield like we were going 60 MPH. The Mexicans people evacuation San Antonio -for some reason- couldn't be bothered to stop, they just slowed down.

Hondo creek- where we go shooting- was almost bank deep the last I saw before it got dark.
Just passed that, there was a dry van pushed sidways off the road, and all the road construction barrels and signage was scattered all over HWY 90.

I had to keep the differential lock in all night, just to keep the truck straight- because of the wide drive tires. They're called floaters- and they do. I know that the footprint is the same as two regular duals, but maybe it's over a foot wide, and the water can't escape that it wants to hydroplane faster. Even with 48,000pounds of sugar in the tank.

Oh, well. It's over, nothing I know was broken. I haven't been to the paddoc yet to see the remains of the garden, though. Well, if anything survived I'll be glad- Darwanism and all. The best plants survive.

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