Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We had a hailstorm last night

I'm glad the trucks were under the carport since the hailstones were a little bigger than grapes. Or big olives, which is bigger?
I'm glad they didn't break any glass in the house, but I'd bet the roof has all kinds of dents now.

Not much is happening here at rancho Trainwreck.
I didn't get a good nights sleep because of the light loads I've gotten and the fect that someone had to almost drain the bank account for her selfish, ungrateful, lazy kids and their trip to the U.K.
We're not going to have enough in my and her check to cover this (big) set of bills this week and do anything but subsist and buy gas.

Gawd it sucks when your main customer has a prolonged work slowdown.
But, I have an interview today, not sure how that'll go with all the jobhopping I've done lately.

But, on the good side- I'm glad I don't own those dogs. NSFW- because of the "educational" toys involved.

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