Thursday, March 01, 2007

This post reminded me of something

Murray had a post about more illegals getting themselves caught.

The 18 yr-old got herself a job at a certain fastfood place that should remain nameless.
She's an alien- a legal one, but....
The ONLY thing they wanted to see to prove her status was her SoSec, card- or a color copy. So they could process her check.
I can't say I've seen alot of non-english speakers working there, but there's alot if english speakers who've overstayed their visas....

But, then I'm sure someone doesn't care who's working there...

As long as he's getting paid.

It looks like I somehow jumpstarted the blogroll by deleting some non-posting blogs.

(UPDATE the second) Mar 03
Ok, I can admit when I'm wrong. The fast food joint in question DID ask for another form of ID.
They wanted her school ID. Just because, ya know there are absolutley NO illegals going to public schools in this day and age.

See hunny, I can admit when I'm wrong- gee imagine me even thinking she'd need her green card, or her passport...

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