Friday, November 25, 2005

Well, there goes the neighborhood

The Palestinians have control over the Gaza border with Egypt now.
I know the Egyptians and all the other terrorist apologists want Israel to give up everything they can to reward terrorism. Now they'll see first hand what Israel has been putting up with as soon as they try keeping up their second world standards as those quasi-civilized Palestinians start bombing them.

What? You think Egypt and the Palestinians will get along like long lost kin? Kane and Able maybe, or Joseph and his brothers. The first (maybe second) time Egypt tries to keep them from pulling their cr@p over there, the terrorists will revert back to what got them where they are today.

Blowing up women and children.

They know they can do whatever they want and the Euro-wienies will make excuses. The UN will Tsk-Tsk and the U.S. will hand over a barrel full of money to get them to sign a meaningless promise to stop whatever they're doing this time.

The only people who are going to get anything out of this uncontrolled border crossing is the arms dealers and the terrorist organization running the PA.

Israel, just be extra careful.

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