Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Can someone tell me just what the f*ck lawyers know about running a war?

I've been hearing about that BS vote up in DC whenever I got near a radio today.
They want President Bush to come to them hat-in-hand explaining what and why he's letting the military do what it's doing.

-And how the war is going. Let ME tell you, you hypocritical asshats- we're WINNING! We have been winning- no matter what the 5th column say.

They don't have a d@mn thing to do with running the war, just give the military the money and believe me- they'll spend it better than ANY Congress-critter could even THINK of doing. And probably get more for it than any of those overpaid Ambulance Chasers imagined possible. I'm not talking about NASA's $100,000 toilet seats, or specialized aircraft body hammers-I'm talking about weapons, logistics, transportation-and all it takes to win a war- not sending boatloads of PORK to their home state.

Gawd- I'm getting tired of the DEMOCRATS running things, either by nagging and caterwalling- or by fiat with their willing accomplices the BIG MEDIA.

When are the Republicans going to stand up and tell them all to STFU!
When are the Republicans going to ACT like they won the elections? Can they anymore?

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