Sunday, November 13, 2005

I forgot to mention just how costly staying home sick was

I stayed home sick last Thurs. I'm not getting sick time yet, so I lost a good side of $100+.
I got tired of having enough time to load the laundry while waiting for websites I was surfing to load.

So, knowing the trailer was going to be sold soon- I went ahead and ordered $512 worth of Wild Blue satellite internet. I got the Value pack. After 26K a 512KPS connection is lightning fast. The only problem is that the rep told me that it's problematic to get reliable VoIP (broadband telephone) over satellite, so it looks like we'll be stuck with SBC for a while, yet.


On the other hand, our old cellphones from Verizon Wireless(with extending antennas)can recieve both Verizon signals and cingular.

Now we need to decide the best way to network our computers.

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