Thursday, November 03, 2005

Well, at least Bush and Co. can snow the Beeb

When they talk about shutting down illegals at the border.

Any American that has any kind of a clue knows that an extra 1,000 agents won't make much of a dent without some other dis-incentives.

We have employers who turn a blind eye on obviously false documentation.
A public safety net that's better than the well off in Mexico can afford
  • FREE health care
  • FREE public schools- you don't even have to go thru the bother of learning english
  • FREE money for food (food stamps)
  • FREE rent (even if it is Sect. 8 or the projects)
  • TAXPAYER subsidized utilities
  • TAXPAYER funded instate higher education

You can even vote if you're so inclined.
Now, there are prestigious banks advertising HOME LOANS to illegals.

We'll never get a handle on these illegals as long as we have all these handouts.

Bush and Co. are nothing more than talk- and worse their amnesty undocumented reform programs add yet another incentive to hop that fence.

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