Saturday, November 26, 2005

Over at Wired News

Regina Lynn has a new toy she wants to tell you about.

She's not exactly writhing in extacy, but not really unhappy about it, either.
The big problem is, as with ALL the newest high tech goodies; it needs the latest high tech "friends" to make it work.
Oh, and:

It requires a cell phone with Bluetooth, dexterous fingers, a strong grip and patience. Nevertheless, I think The Toy is a harbinger of the future of sex toys. It's another example of our attempts to integrate sexual aids into our mobile communications and our computer games.

It's not cheap, either. Europeans can buy it locally for about 295 euros. In the United States, expect to pony up about $350 plus $30 shipping.

But the article is SFW, and probably around anyone who's not reading over your shoulder.

Oh, HI hunny.

It would make a good "Kof" stocking-stuffer.

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