Sunday, November 13, 2005

As y'all may know, I'm looking at a third vehicle

I stayed away from the "Jeep*" name because I had some VERY bad experiences with their pickups while sentenced assigned to the Newport,R.I. Naval base right before I got out. We had three of them, one was always in for charging system problems, one for the transmission, and I can't remember what the other repair queen was in for.

As I was looking at vehicles, I found a site that has some reliability ratings and the problems associated with a general class of vehicles.
I was suprised at how much green was showing on the Jeeps*.
I took a look at the Govt' fuel ratings and saw that they didn't get all that bad of milage.
Especially when you hear the vast leftwing magpies calling them gas guzzlers. I bet alot of those anti-SUV greenies drive luxury cars that get worse milage than a light Jeep*. My Dodge Ram 1500 gets worse milage than a Grand Cherokee. It's also wider as my wife found out when coming through the gate (not as bad as Rhianna's boo boo).

I now have another choice in vehicles, although not one the Left would approve of (the ability to choose what I drive), and they seem to be a bit less expensive that the Chevies, Fords and Dodges I've been looking at. I guess the fact that alot were made by slave labor in "Re-education camps" has something to do about that.

And yes, we need another vehicle. I work 50 miles away, wife works about 30(and different hours) and we need a way to get there if one of the vehicles is down. We also have two teens making noise about drivers licenses.

* This is a registered name for the Crysler Corp. who have tried to take over bars, resuraunts, and anything else that mentioned the Jeep* name without mentioning them- the CHRYSLER CORP. prominently in their verbage. Even if the said bar or resturaunt had been in business before the CHRYSLER CORP. had bought out the Jeep* brand. and before it sold itself to it's new German masters.

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