Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I note a whiff of hypocrisy from the RINOs in D.C.

You have heard about the OUTING of the secret prisons holding terrorist enemies in foreign lands. Trent Lott (R-ex Speaker Senate Majority Leader*) guessed that it was probably someone in the employ of a Republican Congress-critter.

Ok, if it was- or it wasn't. Why are you shutting down the investigation? If you thought it might be Dems, you'd, , , ummmm, , , well , , , probably do nothing, like you didn't go after Kerry during the Bolton hearings, and you roll over to the Libs anytime they start whining about not being in charge.

If you're shutting down the investigation because you think it was one of you, you are as bad as the Dems and their obstructionalism. If you're scuttling the investigation because you might rock the boat by p*ssing off the Dems- WHY should I bother to vote for a Republican?

All this cr@p you're playing along with in the Wilson/Plame B.S. and not looking at a REAL blown security problem tells me that YOU are not serious about the G.W.T. you are nothing but talk.

I know how well talk accomplishes anything- I was awake during the Clinton reign.

*As I was corrected by Aelfheld. Since I'm not a graduate from a Jounalism school, or a producer of a network news show- I'll change my error AND acknowledge it.

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