Wednesday, November 02, 2005

So much to post about, so little talent.

I'll leave the Liberal hissy fit to others today.

Two of the three things are from San Antonio all or in part, and the other is Texas wide.

As you remember, San Antonio among others took in alot of Katie refugees. Apparently, FEMA is not paying their rent anymore and our RINO-in-Charge Rick Perry (R) is talking about shifting responsibility to other government agencies. I've heard alot about the poor refugees and the landlords who don't want to be forced to turn them out right before the holidays.

OK, the landlords have some kind of heart. They need their rent though, that's why they have these places out to rent. All I've heard today was who is going to take responsibility for these people.

The ONE thing I specifically DO NOT hear was the people needing to take responsibility for themselves- you know GET A F*CKING JOB so you can pay your rent!

Second, on a local talkradio program, theyt were talking about the new S.A. city ordinance allowing for towing vehicles without insurance. GREAT! WOOHOO! Lets get those who lost their insurance because of excessive wrecks off the road. That goes for the ones who can't/won't pay for insurance because they're too irresponsible. I'm all for it, but I'm sure we'll be hearing from the ILLEGAL apologists as soon as the first mojado gets their car towed because they rear-ended someone.

Rick Perry was visiting S.A. today and he proposed a teacher incentive plan. Sounds good. What is it? How about a MINIMUM of $100,000 per "Schools that show marked improvements in student performance would be eligible for a grant of at least $100,000 to distribute to the teachers they determine are having the greatest impact," Perry said. "A minimum of 75% of the funds sent to a campus must go directly to those hard working teachers who have been improving the learning in the classroom.

Sure, the better the teacher, the more (s)he should be paid. Where will the money come from?
Perry implemented the incentive program by executive order, and said $10 million in 'existing discretionary federal funds' will be used to pay for it.

OH? Why not send it BACK to D.C.?
Well, then we couldn't add our states tax money could we?
Perry said he will ask the Legislative Budget Board, which has control over the Texas budget when the legislature is not in session, to approve an additional $25 million in state funds to expand the program to another 250 schools.
Again where will the money come from? The over chargo on our property taxes that they won't give back- maybe?

Finally, I'm not even going to touch this publicly financed exercise in political hate speech compliments of the city's hotel/motel tax.

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