Thursday, November 24, 2005

Good morning Blogdom

I tried to take a picture of sunrise, but all I have is a (semi)cheapo Logitech 510, wich is the digital version of a throw-away film camera. So it came out black.

As it's Thanksgiving, I'm sure you'll get enough history and lists of , , , ummm, , , thankfulness's.

I would type one up, too- but I'm not feeling all that thankfull this year.
Sure, I know I(we) have it good. We live in the best country on earth, I've got a pretty good paying job, material goodies and friendly dogs.

I guess you could describe the way I'm feeling now as "edgy". We moved over here from Maxwell(the Blogname) because I got a job in Castroville. I hated the petty "gotcha" politics and favoritsm that went on there (plus the nightly call-outs because of a bad transfer switch from our supplier, so I got another job- with more money (and no call-outs). The thing is, it's a 101 mi. round trip daily. If we get rained out or no work, we go home. That's OK, I make as much in a week with 12 hrs O.T. as I did in two weeks of straight time in Castroville.
I'm just getting tired.

The Maxwell trailer was laying on my mind (potential repair wise) so I sold it. Lost $1000 in what I payed for it plus the 16 x 32 workshop I built. I also forgot about all the legal costs involved, so I walked away almost $2,000 on the short side.

The '98 Dodge ram 1500 -wich is the best truck I've owned- is showing it's age at 145K miles.
I don't like this house we had to buy in a rush (because of the Castroville thing), and it's a bit overpriced because we bought it right before the market opened up a bit.

The wife is wonderful- exept that she has a bit of a perception problem (maybe it's me).
she thinks my Dodge Ram is about a foot narrower than it actually is.
She also thinks I'm too hard on the 17 yr-old bedslug.
The 14 yr-old is no problem (considering she IS 14), and actually tries to act like she cares about the place here.
The 17 yr-old won't do anything (I) expected arround here. She never finishes anything -if her mom can nag her into STARTING to begin with. We've lived here for going on 8 months now. we have a dishwasher, and she can't be bothered to learn where the dishes belong. It's too much effort to move things from the dishwasher ALL the way across the kitchen to the cupbords by the stove, so I get "I couldn't remember where it goes". Mom is p*ssed because I expect the young ADULT to actually do something - f*cking FINISH something that she's started.

Am I wrong to expect a 17 year old to actually show some responsibility? I damn sure garontee that untill she starts showing somekind of responsibility, she's not going to drive anything I have to pay for- or fix. She also hasn't bothered to start working on her drivers lisence yet. We live 8 miles from the nearest town, and her mother will be loosing time from work to chauffer her around to any job she FINALLY decides to apply for. Because thats what mothers do, isn't it?
Protect their darling daughters from mean males who expect young adults to actually show some f*cking responsibility.

I'm just getting tired of putting up with her , , , "teenageness".
She turns her nose up at anything I cook- and is starting to get fat. she claimes she doesn't eat anything but what's in the house. If she's getting fat on a hanfull of cookies and a PBJ sandwitch- she can make a LOT of money by letting the UN in on her secret.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just fed-up right now.
I know alot of people have it alot worse than I do, I know that all being said and done- it could be alot different.
I'll be deleting this later, just wanted it to vent.

I forgot to mention-She's making noises about joining the military- I feel sorry for her boot camp company. I wonder what the female version of a blanket party is? I guess she'll find out when her entire company is continually paying for her "forgetfulness". She's a Brit, so maybe their service is more P/C and she won't be expected to act so responsibly if she signs.

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