Sunday, November 06, 2005

These anti-France riots seem to be becoming a recurring theme

Anyone remember just a year ago in the Ivory Coast?
They were facing rioting there, too. But instead of just letting them fan the fires, they started shooting unarmed protesters.

I guess there were differences, they were part of a U.N.illateral invasion of sovereign soil. The Ivory Coast was a colony of theirs (the people weren't imported), they were fed-up with a history of French interference, they didn't set cripples on fire. They were also unarmed.

That was on Nov. 10, 2004 when the valiant French Army fired their ASSAULT weapons into an unarmed crowd killing and wounding many.

This year, to answer the MOSLEM rioters who are trying to burn anything they can- including cops and cripples.
The French answer to the 11th day of these "spontaneous" jihads are, , , to hold MEETINGS to decide what to do!

Everyone's watching Jock, even us Americans who you presume to lecture on race and religious tolerance.

Go ahead big boy- show us what you can do.

Or do you want us (the U.S.) to come in and pull your fat out of the fire again?

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