Thursday, November 17, 2005

I guess this does go to prove that all politics are local

Right here in the Newspaper of Record for South Texas is a bunch of obstructionist eco-Nazis.

We have a quarry starting up a little to the west of us and two eco-Nazis sprung a resolution on the Medina County commissioners Court in part to:

The resolution proposed that, as a condition of any license the STB might issue, Vulcan should be required to use appropriate bridges at all major creek crossings and perform appropriate upgrading as deemed necessary by commissioners to bear both local and quarry traffic on the truck route determined and accepted by the county. The resolution requests the STB to ensure compatibility of the quarry with future growth in population and transportation needs in Medina County. It also asks for adoption of a
mitigation plan which fully analyzes safety and flood plain impacts in its evaluation of truck routes.

The MCEAA (Medina County Environmental Action ASSotiaion-->me) President requested commissioners to ask the STB to compel Vulcan to construct overpasses across CR 4516 and CR 353 and to utilize span
type bridges over the Quihi Creek flood plain where their proposed railroad crosses over CR 365. "Commissioners Court will have done what their
constituents have asked and made this project as safe as possible," he said.

Yep, they want the EVIL big , , , ummm rock (shrug) to pay for PUBLIC road improvements.
AND to be sure that their trucks obey traffic laws.

You know it's for the CHILDREN!

They didn't even get a second on the motion.
After discussion on the issue, Commissioner Mitchell offered the motion to adopt the resolution. Her colleagues were silent, however, and the item died for lack of another voice to support it.
After the meeting, Fitzgerald was curious to know why none of the commissioners would second the resolution so it could be voted up or down. Instead, the resolution died for lack of a second. Only Mitchell and Pct. 4 Commissioner Kelly Carroll were available for comment by press time. Judge Jim Barden was out of town and the other commissioners failed to return

Well at least we have some with common sense.

But we all know, whenever a Liberal is stopped- it's a PLOT:
Fitzgerald argued the resolution was not anti-Vulcan, only pro-safety. He suggested commissioners were influenced by the money Vulcan is paying a few landowners and selling out the majority.
"There is nothing objectionable in (the resolution) to anyone, even the quarry owners," said Fitzgerald, by phone on Wednesday. "I guess they are afraid if they do anything Vulcan will get mad and go away. It was a sad ending. I'm very, very disappointed. It shows to me the county is under the control of a few families whose only tie to the quarry is financial, and they really donĂ‚¹t care about the rest of the people in Medina County at

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