Friday, November 18, 2005

Isn't the new Harry Potter supposed to be like- "family friendly"?

I don't mean just the content, but the whole Harry Potter experience?
I KNOW it's supposed to be.

If Harry is all FOR the good stuff, can someone tell me WHY they decided to make the hyped opening night at midnight on a THURSDAY?
I don't know about the rest of America, but here we had school today. And all the kids that went to the opening at 12:00AM and got out around -what 3:00AM? went to school today.

How much do you think they learned?
How much do you think got accomplished with their clique at school, with all the plot tellings.
What they remembered, anyway-since they got probably 3 hours of sleep that entire night.

And Parents, why did you let your kids go to the opening night -on a school night? I heard the new morning(radio) guy bragging about what a "good" dad he was for letting his kids go to it.
Didn't it cross your mind that it was a school night? Is going to some pompous, overblown, Madison Ave. (NYC) driven commercial gala more important than your kids doing well in school?

I guess I'm to stuck in the past, and don't understand the "importance" of being seen at a snobby made-up event by other snobby people.
I guess looking good is more important than being good.

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