Saturday, November 26, 2005

In the holidays Gluttony department

We could be facing an IMMINENT Cranberry shortage!
Quick, run to the store and hoard Cranberries!

This is no joke!
There is a news article about it on the net.

Wisconsin, the nation's leading cranberry-producing state, harvested an average crop this fall, but yields were down in Massachusetts and Washington, leading to concerns of tighter fresh fruit supplies next month, particularly in areas outside the Midwest, Lochner said.

"There could possibly be a shortage for the Christmas holidays," said Ray Habelman Sr., co-owner of Habelman Brothers Co., which grows 650 acres of cranberries near Tomah

I hope there will be a congressional investigation into this- when will Gov't force "Big Cranberry" to give us affordable and plentiful side dishes?

Ohh, and in the general area of Turkeys and other mindless birds- you DID hear that our favorite stalker was back in Crawford, didn't you?

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