Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I bashed out a post earlier comparing Iraq and the Balkans

It occurred to me while I was looking for a Diamond Shamrock (with diesel) around Bandera yesterday- that there is another contrast which shows the Liberal racial bias.

There is one major parallel between Iraq and Viet nam- one that you'll NEVER hear from any major news delivery service.

Did any of you notice that they're not , , , ummm, , , well, to but it bluntly- the "right" color?
The Libs wanted us out of Viet Nam- no matter what the consequences were to the "Orientals", The killing fields of Cambodia would have ment alot more if it were white people being slaughtered.
Laos wasn't pretty either, but wasn't "newsworthy" because of excess menolin.

Somalia? Darkies- anarchy
Hati (more than once): completely FUBAR'd from the git-go.
You name a country with a majority of non-Caucasians that the Libs want to stay in and finish the job. I bet you'd have to search- hard.

We're doing a kick-ass job in Iraq. We're almost done. The Libs (and fellow socialistic fellow travelers) want us out - NOW!

We've been in the Balkans for over ten years- they're majority white. We're still standing between the sides keeping them from massacring each other.
Have you noticed how quiet the racially motivated Left is about pulling troops out there? Or if it's brought up at all- "what about the consciences?"

Want to remind me again, just what the Democrats stand for (aside from socialism, communism, pedophilia, atheism, beastiality, racial quotas, etc, , ,)?

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