Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Anybody up for more Katie capers?

FEMA, the agency that couldn't move fast enough to undo the damage caused by two high ranking state and local governments- remember them? Their boss who did a good job the year before got fired because of Democrat ineptitude.

See FEMA figured that two months of Gov't paid-for hotel rooms was long enough and was going to stop the goodies on Dec 01. That was too cold and unfeeling for some action groups, who I'm sure have some affiliation to the Leftist movement.

The Government was paying room and board for HOTEL rooms. I'm sure they weren't staying in the local Motel-6 or the local mom and pop dive. So they get these "public spirited" feel-good groups working the angles and FEMA decides 'well it's Christmas X Mas the "winter solsice holidays" and says "OK, we'll pay until Jan 06, then you're out.

Well Jan. is the same month as Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday- we CAN'T do that to them now! Ok, FEBRURARY then!

Ummmm,,,, MR. "Compassionate Conservative" president; you wouldn't want to make them homeless in the same month as VALENTINES DAY? Would you? The month that holds the day that epitomizes "Love".

Good Friday- The one-who-can't-be-named-on-Federal-property died and was raised to save mankind happened in that month.

OK, April.

Passover- Jewish P/C stuff.

MAY, then!
Uh-uh! Cinco De Mayo. MOTHERS DAY you unfeeling CONSERVATIVE!

June? Fathers day, they need to be in a static location in case their daddies feel like finding them.

Do I need to go on? We'll be supporting them in their motels like AlGores family for the rest of their lives. AND upgrading them to meet their growing sophistication.

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