Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ohhh, THAT must be it!

I had a REALLY long day yesterday and didn't get on the computer much.
I heard about Bush's border speach, and wondered why NOW?

He's had over 4 years to do something since 9-11, and only now is he starting to talk about doing something with the borders. I mean besides giving Illegals almost complete amnesty.

Now he's talking about getting tough on the borders which kinda makes sense because he's campaigning for Republicans- gotta pull the wool over the voters eyes once again.

I heard a snatch of something on FoxNews that brought it all into place.

He can do what the American people want - doing something about illegals-AND- get his way, too.
He deports the (few) illegals we catch; which makes his Vast Right Wing Conservatives happy.
He turns around and gives those same illegals assylum- because we persecuted them-AND- he can show how "compassionate" he is.


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