Friday, November 04, 2005

I'm just reading about what's going on in France

I really should be aghast and all out of sorts about how the adherants to the "Religion of Peace" are reacting to a pair of juvies electrocuing themselves.

But I'm not.
I'm sorry to tell you that I look at it as their (Frances) just deserts. They allowed the cheap labor that had NO affinity with the host country.
They were allowed to form their own mini cultures and enclaves exempt from the common and historical ummm,,,,,, culture of their host country- including their own language (seperate from the host), their own habits and mores (again not the same as the host culture), no respect or patriotism at all to the country who was giving them jobs, shelter and all the goodies of the nanny state.

I've heard speculation that it's not sporadic and isolated events, more some kind of Jihad.

But WHY you ask? Because France is majority Christian, it hasn't accepted the Calephate as the ruling religion.
It doesn't matter (to the moslem) that they do everything they can to shut down America any way they can. They don't care about Frances' cowering to islam. They want to control France.

France is getting what it's been asking for for decades. The craven cowering to anyone who raises their victimhood is eating their inner city slums right now.

I have to feel for the ones trapped whohad no hand in this tinderbox, but I can't dredge up any kind of feeling for the government, or the religion of the rioters.

If you look at the alienation of the "cheap" labor, it kinda looks like what has been happening (to a much lesser degree) here.

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