Thursday, August 10, 2006

You've heard of the "Blue screen of death" right?

What do you call it when a LCD gets broken?

The "thatchwork of death"?

Or the "crosshatch of death"?

Maybe a "$200 hit to the wallet of pain?"--on E-bay, with a 2 day delivery.

The whole thing started with the (widespread) power supply problem of Compaq laptops.
Where the battery power plugs in is almost designed to break internally. We didn't know that, and thought it was a bad connection at the plug-in.
The only way we had to keep it charged was to kinda wrap the cord over the top and keep the plug taught bt wedging the UMMMM....surge protector bulge(?????) at the corner of the screen.
It worked pretty good untill it got closed just a leeeetle bit too much- and cracked the bottom right corner. Ok, we can live with a 50cent chunk missing from the bottom corner, just move the tray.

If you move the laptop and the cord gets caught, it'll fall corner first to the floor. The former small blemish now covers a good 2/3 of the screen. Cr@p!

I'm now the prooud owner of a brand new- referbished LCD screen Part number LP150X08 for $159 plus expidited shipping. Heche in Mexico.

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