Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just for you ladies out there

You single ladies out there.

Ok, for you single wimmin out there.

Alot has been made about a self-congratulatory bloggers post in which she lets her unworthy admirers know just HOW unworthy they are of her presence.

Not to be out-done, here are two examples of bloggers with more realistice expectaions of themselves, and the type of "quality" that they expect in any women chasing looking for a relationship.

First we have El Capitan- who has ties to a gallant an historic era in seafaring history. Describing himself and the statistics to back him up.

The other one using this ingenious dating technique is Dave- over at Garfield Ridge.
He uses another approach, in case you're scared off by ststistics. He gives a pretty good (semi-NSFW) description of himself and his expectations of Ms. Right.

Girls, go feast your eyes.

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