Monday, August 07, 2006

I'd like to be one of the first to thank the evironmentalists

And their Liberal Democrat asslickers

Along with the spineless RINOs in D.C.

For forcing me to pay an additional FIFTY fucking CENTS a gallon.

For no damn good reason, except that those same Socialistic evironmental NAZIS forced the oil companies to stop any and all major advances in production in America.

The enironmental NAZIS (and their enablers of both parties) have ensured that we won't be able to meet our energy needs anytime in the near future. Even if we start to do something now.

The Florida delegation to D.C. doesn't want their tourists seeing wellheads from the shore, so drilling can't take place within 150 miles of shore--unless you're a CHINESE oil company. Then the environmentalists can't wrap you up in duct tape.

The Liberals have so fucked the oil companies that they haven't even seriously thought about building a new refinery in the last 30 years, and THOSE old refineries are stuck with old technology because the ENVIRONAZIS mandated that if they modernize one part of their refinery, they would be forced to modernize the entire complex to meet today's impossible standards. Not to mention the designer gas blends that they are forced to make for the most polluting markets--which happen to be in blue states (for the most part).

The Republicans are just as much to blame. Instead of forcing through a REAL energy bill that would have increased domestic production in the near future, they gave us this steaming pile of "Aternative Energy" crap.
The Demorats and their MSM lackeys hate you anyway, so tell them to go pound sand, and let the Energy companies DO SOMETHING.

AND you Libs out there, two points:

ONE- That "War for oil" is sure helping out now, isn't it?
TWO- The energy companies are going to make a profit if they sell one gallon for five dollars or five gallons for five dollars. That's called capitalism- They'd rather sell more at less because they make more in bulk.

But you Libs wouldn't understand that because you can't see past punishing success.

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