Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Third time should be a charm, right?

Lets see if Google wants to let me post now.

Because it's starting to change the rules on us barnyard animals.
I guess that'll be my your next reading assignment- exept that I'll use this-search-engine-that shall-not-be-named instead of "big Brother".
Maybe some will start to see parallels.

Anyway, Karen sent me this citizenship test from the INS study guide.
If I would have even cracked a history book to refresh myself on the founding years, I would have aced it. I missed the exact years and colonies of the questions.

I thought it was supposed to be challenging, but they're all variations of the core 10- or so questions. The only way I can see anyone failing this is that A) they slept through history, B) they took it in "Anglis" instead of Mexican spanish or C) they're a current graduate of our government schools.

Now I really need to actually get something accompished today, like put some holes in a target for CUG

And actually finish making Rhianna's trivet. I'm working on ti- really! I came inside to print out a Texas map- and got started on this post.

Instead of trying to beat Karens score of 8645 on this game.

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