Friday, August 18, 2006

Thanks google, I appreciate what your doing

Yep, I sure do.
Just like the gerbil in joecartoon.

I don't know how many bloggers are geting the Google Blogger condundrum yet.
On my Firefox it won't let me log-in (in Beta).
On IE I can post and use HTML, but can't upload pictures.

NOW, or overlords at Google want me to tie my blog to my Google account; or create a Google account if I don't have one. So I can continue to use (I guess) Firefox.

I know this isn't a big bog, or one that's going to get big- I could go to another free site that's not affiliated with the octopus of Google. The question is, is it worth it? I'm in a nice comfortable rut here, and used to know how to run ths blog. I'd have to start over- over there, and it's not like anything I say is going to change the world anyway.
I guess I could live with the changes they made here, and learn work-arounds.

(UPDATE 8-18) I found the log-in problem. When Google did it's Google thing, it corrupted the passwords on both my computers- in Fifefox only. I can now upload images again, and it (the blog) automatically logs me in.
IE, however is still FUBARed.

The problem is- is Google and their ever expanding monopoly on the internet.
It's not a benevolent "Do no harm" upstart garage software thing- it's a Liberal machine wearing the disguise of a couple of slackers who started (maybe) without the intention of taking over the information dispersal technology of the world- but they're doing it slowly.

If you don't believe me- try to find ANY decent search engin that doesn't have Google on it somewhere. Ask El Capitan what happened to his site when he badmouthed Google. This has happened to other bloggers on other sites that didn't meet Googles approved message.

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