Friday, August 04, 2006

A civil war in Iraq

In terms of (more) people getting killed and maimed- along with the continuing leadership fights, it's bad.


Since the MSM and Liberal Democrats, and Comunists wordwide demand want Iran on a fast-track to a 'Full Fledged Democracy' it could be a good thing.

Lets compare the U.S. historical timeline to Iraq.

America was fighting the British on and off for about 20 years before becoming "America" - Iraq is a functioning country in what? Five years?

We were fighting our indians 'freedom fighters' until almost the 20th century; the jury is still out in Iraq, but with some well placed munitions, the Mullas and shikes instigators would stop inciting their braves.

It took about ten years to ratify and finalize our Constitution- Iraq took how many months?

Now it looks like a civil war is simmering, We took almost 100 years before ours.

Instead of being a complete failure, the Doomsayers in the MSM and their Democratic allies should be dancing in the streets that Iraq is so much farther along than say,,,,,,,,,,,Kosovo.

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