Thursday, August 03, 2006

The ever evolving nomenclature of the MSM

During the 20th century we had a reasonably centrist media.
They stood by Liberty and Freedom during two World Wars, and were just as politically incorrect as the rest of America.
Then things began to change in the '60s.

Communism wasn't an evil dictatorship, it started to evolve into.....
an alternate civil government, almost on par with Democracy.

Lately it turns out that Communism and Socialism was actually GOOD for the people, if you disregard the Gulags, the forced confessions, the Re-Education camps(and speech control) and the killing of hundreds of millions of innocent civilians.

Lets now talk about the changing way terrorists are looked at depending on race and religion.
Timothy McVay- was an Ex-Army white guy who blew up the Murrah Building and was always called a TERRORIST.
The IRA were Irish CATHOLIC terrorists.
The Talban were started to evolve into militant islamists
Al-qaida and their street thugs in Iraq went from Anti-government Militias to Insurgents toMinute Men to freedom fighters.
Palestinians were never terrorists, they always were cloaked it the armor of "Victimhood"- and an invincible cloak that is.
Hizb'allah -which the MSM changed to Hezbollah to mask the islamic taint- has gone through the gamut of names and is now labeled as guerilla fighters.
The always handy and utilitarian "Victim" is as always, on the "Cont. + Alt +V" shortcut of every contributors PC that helps undermine the Anti-Islamo/Nazi cause.

The Liberal Legacy media- always in search of legitimating those that would imprison them all.

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