Thursday, August 17, 2006

Range report on Karens new toy

It's a Bersa Thunder 380.

Karen likes it.
That's what matters.
It's alot louder than her .22, and has a more........KRACK! sound than my Black Powder guns.
It's a lot lighter than her Taurus revolver and her hand wiggles more.
She'll have to modify her grip to acommodate the action ( it was brushing her thumb webbing).

It has a nice light trigger pull, but the way I aim- shoots low (maybe it was the fact that I got stung on my finger yesterday, and it was still tender). If it were mine, I'd be using a dremmil to trim the front sight since the none of the sights are adjustable.
My patterm was nice and flat and about 10" below where I was aiming at around 20 YDs.

It's a nice little gun for all around use, and alot better than her .22 if she thinks someones on the porch.
As far as cleaning, it field strips quickly and all (most) all the moving parts are accessable without complete disassembly.

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