Saturday, August 12, 2006

This is for Forneus

I was going to comment on both your site and Cary's, but didn't want to blather too much, so I decided to do it on mine.

It's probably off the wall, but- he seems to be trying to decide what he is.
He's trapped in a very blue state; but is able to see both sides of the question.

He's been asking questions, and being suprized by the answers he's gotten from Conservatives.

OK, Forneus. Here's a real life example of the differences between the Liberal and Conservative way of looking at things.

Whenever there's a big to-do about something in the Republican (Conservative) camp- the media is all over it cackeling over the splintering of the "whatever" side and how it's the end. We argue and bicker and bloviate and b*tch- but still stick together like a family.
In the Democrat (Liberal) camp- if you don't toe the line, and keep moving to the left- they sacrifice you on the altar of intolerance.

A perfect example is Joe Lieberman. He's been a good Dem for his entire political career, even selected to be the Dem VP. Now he's running as an Independant because he's not in lockstep with the ever more anti-Bush Liberal puppetmasters in the Democratic party.
The Conservative (Republican -sortof) side isn't gloating about their opponents defeat. They're hoping that he'll get elected as an independant.
Yes, part of it is politics, but more to the point is that they respect him as someone who actually cares about the country. We know he'll continue to vote against most of wat is put up by the Republicans- but that's because he's going by his principles and not the Anti-Bush-because -his-name-is-Bush crowd.
Principles are principles- pandering is pandering.

Conservatives are alot more tolerant than Liberals in the majority of cases that count.

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