Thursday, August 31, 2006

Some thoughts on "Plan B"

AKA The morning after pill, and the resulting upsurge in women eating it like candy.

If I remember right, the FDA hadn't finish all their trials on it- the long term ones- if I remember correctly. Hillary was raising a stink about Bush 'punishing' women by wanting to wait until the thing was declaired safe, so she pushed the legislation through to the White House.

Tell me... in 20 years when we have an epidemic of ...whatever cancer/reproductive problems/incontinence....who's going to get the blame for it being over the counter?

Isn't the whole "Abortion-on-demand" thing always tied to the old "What if everythe male in the house is abusing the defensless girl, and she needs medical care to take care of her incestual pregnancy"? OK, Now that every male the abuser can get OTC Plan-B, you just lost the opportunity for a Dr's intervention, and the abuse will continue thanks to Hillary.

Where am I wrong?

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