Monday, August 28, 2006

THAT's the result of a missile hit???

You know, the armored "press" truck that supposedly got hit by an Israeli missle by being in the middle of a firefight.

What did they do? Remove the warhead first?

How.........Orwellian- or should I say 'Googillian', I can't find any links to the story by searching Yahoo for "Israeli missile hits press truck". I'm sure there would be stories all over if it wasn't "Fake but accurate"

Speaking of "Big Brother", did you hear about the merger between Google and E-bay? Right now it's just ads outside of America. When will it be inside and telling you what you can and can't buy? You need to start getting worried.

In another story this weekend- hardly related at all, was a comment that was neither fake- nor accurate.
"Chocolate Boy" Nagin responded to a reportes question about the lack of clean-up a year after the hurrican by saying something like 'you people in NYC still have that hole in the gound after five years.' That's right Ray Wonka, but they DID have it cleaned up within a year. Alot more debries and lives lost than your pathetic attempts.

-And they did it when it happend without warning.
-And without a pre-prepaired disaster plan (which you used for toilet paper).

Pic stolen from Dr. Rusty

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