Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's the first anniversary of Kartina !!!!!!!!

WOOO HOoo! Where are the candles and baloons?

Ok, lets go make a big deal about how the Anti-Bush media became the story.

The only thing was affected by hurricane Katrina was N'awlines- somewhere in Missisippi a white guy got a branch knocked down by the same storm.

KKKarl rove intentionally dynomited the levies (making sure that in the last 40 years that they weren;t built right anyway).

Dick Cheny was in a rowboat in the Gulf using an electric fan to force the hurricane onto N'awlines because they were 95% Democrat.

Ray Nagin was under a CIA "chocolate mind beam" and forgot about the buses that the emergency hurricane plan said would be used to evacuate the city.

The Superdome lost part of it's roof- and a B.S. story about "ex- slaves" returning to their roots was broadcast and expanded beyond any relivant fact.

All the "bodies floating in the water" were herded from one news photo-op to the next, because there weren't *THAT* many dead people.

What else did I miss?

Oh, Yeah- William Jefferson Clinton comandiered a National Guard S&R truck to grab a stash from his mansion, and when the truck got stuck- took a helocopter away from their S&R work to move his incriminating evidence to his freezer in D.C.

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