Thursday, August 03, 2006

Is anyone else getting tired of Mel Gibson?

Everywhere I tune into I'm hearing the Mel-meme.
Get over it! There are alot of other things happening in the world.

There's a moslem guy who shot six women -one pregnant- and killed one,,,who just happened to be JEWISH.
There are Mosques in America spewing the same anti-western hatred as those in Islammo-land.

There's a nut-job in Syria that got alot of Saddams WMDs while the UN had a collective cranial-rectal inversion.
There's another waco in Iran trying to get the bomb so as to get credit for carrying out the "Final Solution".

That's alot more newsworthy than some Catholic actor running at the mouth.
Well it would be if you weren't some Anti-Semitic Liberal Hollywood adoring party flack.

Hugh Hewitt asked tonight on his radio program: 'Why is/are the media all over Mel?'
How about this:
Mel made a killing (figuratively) on his "Passion". A Bible story from a conservative Catholic, that outgrossed anything the Liberals had in their arsenal at the time.
Israel's kicking @ss in Lebanon. Friday a moslem gunned down 6 unarmed Jewish women and killed one ( that story is pretty well buried already).
They (the MSM) might want to take the light off their cheering for moslem terrorists and put it on a drunken loudmouth- who isn't trying to change world opinion.

Ok, Hugh- how many did I get right?
Do I get a cookie?

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