Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ok, as you know, I have two daughters

Both are thinking of going into the military.
Both are going to join the H.S. ROTC this year.

I don't know if they'll end up joining, or not- but after reading this- I don't want them alone with a recruiter.
*Yeah, I know they'll be making their own mistakes- that's how you learn- BUT, I want to put that off as along as possible (that I know of anyway).
I know the vast majority of recruiters are upstanding representatives of our Armed forces, even though it's a 'carrer enhanching position' . I also know that the article is from someone who doesn't hold the military in high esteem.

Even though they'll be 18 when they talk with some experience via ROTC, they're still little lambs talking to a wolf, and mean old dad is going to run as much interference for them as possible.

H/t to Galactically stupid - which he's not

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