Sunday, August 27, 2006

Conversation with a member of the reality biased community

PETA: Hypocrites At Their Dumbest

Not long ago I was having a discussion with several persons whom represent PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). I asked them several questions which they were unable to answer, and it got me to thinking just how hypocritical these people really are. A couple of them were vegetarians and that's where it really got twisted. It went something like this:

Me: You believe that killing animals for food is wrong?
Them: Yes, it's cruel to kill animals for any reason.

Me: Do you have any pets like cats or dogs?
Them: Sure, I love animals and enjoy their companionship.

Me: You take good care of them don't you, I mean take them to the veterinarian regularly and feed them well, right?
Them: Oh yes, absolutely. I love my pets like I love my own children!

Me: What do you feed them?
Them: Mostly canned foods, like Alpo or Purina. They like the soft foods better than the dry, so that's what I give them.

Me: So you're saying you feed your pets meat?
Them: I guess so, that's what they like.

Me: So then it's okay to kill other animals for food?
Them: No, killing animals is cruel for any reason!

Me: But you just said you feed meat to your pets.
Them: --silence--

Me: It seems to me if you feed meat to your pets then you're advocating the killing of animals for food.
Them: That's different though!

Me: How so? You already said that killing animals for any reason is cruel.
Them: Umm, uhh, well you see, uhh.. dogs and cats are omnivorous and need meat in their diet.

Me: Actually most dogs and cats are carnivorous by nature and are forced omnivorous diets when domesticated, but you bring up a good point. Humans have always been omnivorous for all of recorded history, and you're trying to force vegetarianism on people saying it's ethical, while saying that it's wrong to force vegetarianism on animals. Seems a little bit hypocritical don't you think?
Them: It's would be unethical to force animals to eat a diet un-natural to them!

Me: Isn't that exactly what you're trying to force on people though?
Them: Well, yes, but...

Me: Look, you said earlier that it's wrong to kill animals for any reason. Then you said it's okay to kill animals to feed other animals. Which is it, either killing for food is right or wrong, which side of the line are standing on?
Them: --silence--
Me: That's okay, your saying nothing is answer enough.

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