Monday, November 07, 2011

Who let the dog out?

So- the democrat Liberal attack dog known as Gloria Allred dug up a floozie to try another attack on a conservative black man.

Color me surprised that this woman didn't come out during Hermans run for the Senate seat in GA. Nor did she file any kind of reports until the womans rights (only if you're a Leftie)lawyer Gloria Allred find her did she decide to come forward for no other eason than to "get things out in the open".

Just wondering there-Sharon Bialek- since you want your name in the news attached to Herman, did anyone notice Herman wearing your palm print on his face the next day?
If you were so shocked and outraged, I'm sure there would have been enough force to really leave a mark.

---OR you're someone with a grudge that the Liberal attack dog Gloria Allred decided to use as a club against a real black man who's getting too close to actually accomplishing something without the help of the Liberal establishment.

Of course, your views of black people and their sexual drive make this right up your Democrat alley, because that's how you people see them- as opposed to Conservatives seeing them as Americans who are black- and sucked into your Liberal plantation thought.


  1. Gloria Allred

    You'd think she would have picked someone else.

  2. I'm sure there's a reason Gloria's involved.