Tuesday, November 01, 2011

How come we only have like five nuke plants in the entire USA?

Because the enviro-wakos scream about how unsafe they are, and the hazards of increased cancer, and unknown dangers that are worse.

Even though there has never been one person hurt, or any radiation leaked in a nuke plant in the US or Europe.

BUT. these same people are quiet about the fact that Uncle Sugar has forced millions of people through cancer machines under the Obama/Napalitano security theater.

Against the advice of, you know ... real doctors.

The final call to deploy the X-ray machines was made not by the FDA, which regulates drugs and medical devices, but by the TSA, an agency whose primary mission is to prevent terrorist attacks.

Research suggests that anywhere from six to 100 U.S. airline passengers each year could get cancer from the machines. Still, the TSA has repeatedly defined the scanners as “safe,” glossing over the accepted scientific view that even low doses of ionizing radiation — the kind beamed directly at the body by the X-ray scanners — increase the risk of cancer.

“Even though it’s a very small risk, when you expose that number of people, there’s a potential for some of them to get cancer,” said Kathleen Kaufman, the former radiation management director in Los Angeles County, who brought the prison X-rays to the FDA panel’s attention.

And who, exactly is the TSA brain defending his Sicherheitsdienst?
Robin Kane, the TSA’s assistant administrator for security technology, said that no one would get cancer because the amount of radiation the X-ray scanners emit is minute. Having both technologies is important to create competition, he added.

“It’s a really, really small amount relative to the security benefit you’re going to get,” Kane said. “Keeping multiple technologies in play is very worthwhile for the U.S. in getting that cost-effective solution — and being able to increase the capabilities of technology because you keep everyone trying to get the better mousetrap.”

Says the guy who has NO scientific credentials to his name.

But don't worry flying public- you'll have Obamakare to take care of any unwanted extra arms, or colon cancer- because look how well it worked for Baby Huey, and Fidelito.


  1. not only is Kane fuzzy on science but he apparently struggles with economics also.

  2. PS What's with the picture? Why would anyone think it was cool to have a picture of themselves holding their fat girlfriend's breast in public? Seriously dude, no one is jealous of you. At all.

  3. I typed in "Obama cabinet" and got the 'Insane Clown Posse' pictures :-D