Friday, November 25, 2011

Just take it for the cause, newsies

You female journos are going to have to stop complaining about being sexually assaulted by Islamic rioters in Egypt. Take it for the cause, just like your sisters in the #OWS movement are not reporting rapes because it makes the commune look bad.

You female journalists are going to have to suck it up, or the entire Sharia fundamentalist idea might be damaged and lose ground in the west.
You're big girls, you know how to cover things up. You did it for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama so just get the medical attention you need and we'll get on appeasing militant Islam.


  1. A thinking human would realize that maybe the root cause is actually *gasp* Islam and would understand that the religion is antithetical to Western ideas of gender.

    But they could never just call it as they are experiencing it because that would explode their meme of the 'religion of peace'.

  2. What happened to Lara Logan wasn't enough of a clue.