Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Those clowns in DeeCee couldn't even co-ordinate a one car accident

So much for Skynet taking over the communications systems today.

How long did they have to plan this?
...And how much money did they waste on this clusterfuck?

But hey, don't worry they'll do MUCH better safeguarding your electronic medical files, , , once they get the bugs knocked out, , , and everyone has a copy of everyone's records.

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  1. The test over the local country FM station WJVL was nigh-on undecipherable, but my wife tells me the test over Dish Network HDTV was crystal-clear and to the point.

    A friend down near St. Louis reports similar experiences.

    Really gives one a sense of security, knowing the feds are out there "protecting" us. At least Dear Leader didn't take the opportunity to remind us how smart he is!