Thursday, November 10, 2011

Great! Now I'm subsidizing pr()n.

I guess it wasn't enough that the guy who pays $20 for four months worth of minutes on his cell phone ended up paying for some welfare mother to get a cell plan because beAfia-Da-Pimp tol her she needs a cell phone- and Uncle Sugare needs to supply her wif one.

Because it's a 'right'.

Now the Clinton/Gore administration is getting a handle on that whole 'digital divide' thing and forcing me and everyone else to subsidize broadband for kids who qualify for reduced cost meals at skool.
Yeah- that gangbanger with the $1K rimzz and the sound system you can hear in the next county is getting free reduced cost pr()n because, it's like kids in da projects can't unnerrstand those book things, and can only get educated by pr()n the inertubzz.

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