Friday, November 25, 2011 wery, wery quiet

We're hunting the wiley, waskelly wabbit.
Because it's literally true that these rabbits are actually feral, it just doesn't sound right- does it?

Like a feral cat, or a feral dog, or even feral pigs that need killing- a feral bunny just doesn't seem to fit.

Unless you're in a town over-run with the things and things are so bad that the town council votes to allow rabbit hunting inside the city limits.

What gauge for killer rabbit?


  1. I was actually quite successful with a Sheridan Blue Streak 5mm air rifle.


  2. Common sense states that whatever you have at hand beats whatever is locked in the gunsafe, and a properly placed shot from a smaller gauge shotgun will be more effective than a miss from a larger gauge shotgun.

    That said, I'm partial to gauges with two-digit numbers beginning in '1', and the smaller the second digit the better for deadly game such as the type you describe.

  3. Having dispatched many a cute, fluffy cottontail to the dinner table with head shots from a .22lr, I can tell you that I picked up some 7.62x39 jacketed hollowpoints somewhere and was shooting one of my Commie AKs when a suicidal bunny wandered into our shooting lane at my house. Frankly, there wasn't enough left to eat, and the heart was exposed to flutter and die before our eyes. It was sooo wrong - it was awesome.

  4. Nobody else has said it? Hand grenade. Don't count to four.

  5. Mark 19. When you're dealing with the Killer Rabbit, you want to be sure.