Sunday, November 06, 2011

Embrace your army Barack

FF to about 2:24 and watch for a glimpse of the woman in an orange coat, you'll see her again:
... after you see the care and concern of the Democrat supported #Occupy shows for women (and children) at their riots rallys-

...And to the dork who's wanting the driver to turn himself in- Maybe you @ssholes should stop blocking traffic.


  1. I thought the police were very restrained but I do wonder about the guy in the car driving away. We really have no idea what actually happened. Are there followup stories? Did someone just jump out in front of his car? Did he even hit anyone?

  2. Just the way those #occupy assholes are acting, I'd tend to give the driver the benefit of the doubt- besides, I'm sure the PD has his info and will get in touch at a later date.

  3. Here's your answer from last night. Kerodin responds to something I missed. Good find and posted.
    Brock Townsend said...

    Reading your brief comments and the two articles, I am not sure of your point. The first seems to side clearly with the reporter, but the second can't be construed as such, though obviously the occupiers would stick together.
    November 6, 2011 12:00 AM
    Kerodin said...

    From what I read, and what I know of DC LEO, I'd have to say the Occupy folks were looking to make a story about being hit. The Occupy folks gave one story, but other witnesses supported the driver.

    DC LEO is very, very serious about protecting pedestrians, and if there was any doubt, they'd have sided with Team Occupy and arrested the driver.

    Here in DC we deal with traffic-blocking protests weekly, often several times each week, and as much as I give LEO a hard time, they do a pretty good job of making sure nobody gets hurt or stupid. The Occupy folks were way out of bounds, at night, looking for a headline, I am convinced.

    BTW: I don't think the Occupy folks tried to stage anything, I think they just tried to make a felony out of an accident...much like an NFL punter will fake to draw a Roughing charge.

    It's time to evict them all.