Thursday, November 03, 2011

The wheel goes round

,,,and round
...and the hippies that parented this generation gave these sires their parenting skills:

How old do you think that kid is?


  1. Future OWS "protestor" (crybaby).

    If I acted like that at that age, I would have gotten strapped within an inch of my life.

    Of course at that age, I was running farm equipment.

  2. What Toaster said. My butt is already cracked, figured it didn't need busting any more.

    I'd have been too embarrassed to act like that anyways.

  3. Absolutely. My mother used to spank me with a long, long handled hair brush and it hurt like hell. One day it broke and she said she wasn't going to spank me anymore since it didn't do any good anyway!:)

  4. In August I overheard one of the nurses complaining to another about how much she hated back-to-school time, because she had to take her kids (10,8,3) shopping with her and, I quote, "They just won't act right."

  5. "Occupy Toys R Us" has much in common with the rest of the movement.