Friday, November 11, 2011

The unrepentant Eric Holder

I see that he finally bothered to have a secretary type something up to put over a facsimile of his signature and then leak it to the Politico.

Because he is finally getting some bad press that matters to him after his Congressional hearing the other day.

But, then again- actions speak louder than words...

“[Holder] never went to a memorial — there are numerous memorials that he could’ve went to,” Domino said. “He never went to the funeral in Michigan.”
“Obama sent a letter,” Domino said. “Obama made a phone call. Napolitano came with a letter from Obama. Napolitano was at the funeral.”
“At that point, he should have, you’d think, paid his respects to the family,” Domino said.
Domino shared that Holder could have approached Terry’s mother, Josephine, at “Police Week” in Washington, D.C., when he saw her. But he chose not to.
Domino added that Holder could’ve also apologized publicly when Cornyn have him the opportunity to in Tuesday’s hearing. “He responded like the cold-hearted person that he is,” Domino said. “He’s as cold as ice.”
“This man [Holder] feels no remorse,” Domino said. “He put on his lawyer hat, he answered the questions as appropriately as he could to cover his ‘end.’”

But Brian Terry was only one of the hundreds of numbers Holders guns killed,
and with numbers like that it changes from being victims to being statistics, and we don't feel sorry for statistics.

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  1. “He’s as cold as ice.”

    From what I understand, Issa hates his guts and rightly so.